Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yesterday was the Mid Michigan Zine fest. I had a great time! Met other Zinesters, some friends-of-friends, and and acquired a whole bunch of new things to read.

I also am now SOLD OUT of Infinity Machine. I will never be printing another run of that particular collection, so if you were one of the lucky forty-two, that baby's gonna be worth a fortune when I become famous! But just in case you weren't one of the fortunate few, the MSU library Special Collections does have a copy you can read there.

And since this got me all excited about comics again, I've now decided I'm going to create another comic to be entirely written and illustrated by Yours Personally. I haven't gotten it all figured out yet, but the current working title is Art is Dead.

Lastly, just to make this an epic post full of (not nearly enough to make up for how long its been since I posted), I have also been working on Nat and Nil with a new artist. Here's a preview of the titular characters:

More info coming soon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

So I'm Starting a Comic Strip

And I'm even illustrating it myself! I can't do much until I get myself a new pad of Bristol, but here's a primer of the protagonists! Their names (from left) are Samuel, Rad, and Tay. They go to private school, and hang out on the playground and generally look at the world the way kids do (or at least the way I do pretending to be kids). As you can probably tell from their character concepts, they come from three very different backgrounds, and a major part of the strip will be the prejudice of their parents viewed through the progeny, and the misfit children's views on the world. I'll probably spend the next week further developing the characters, and I'll post more info on them as I go! And hopefully after that I can set up a good system for an update schedule, and be like a real comics artist!

Here's the three:

Working title for this strip is "Motley". Or maybe "Motley Private School", but that sounds a little Manga-Highschool-Drama like. "Motley Academy"? I'm open to suggestions, guys!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Comic in the Works!

I wrote the first 4 pages of a collaborative comic that was hopefully going to be at SPACE this year. If you happened to be at SPACE this year, you'll notice that I wasn't. But no worries! Because now my friend V over at Time Enough for Lunch is illustrating for me, and it's going well. And it also turns out I wrote more like 10 pages. Anyway, watch for more updates here on how that is going, and if you haven't read Infinity Machine yet, it's at MSU library, or you can still buy a copy, until my limited run sells out. By for now, kids!

Addendum: if you browse V's archive, you will see that she has also re-illustrated Inkwell and Smokestack and Sickle Find Another Reason to Tri p on Peyote from Infinity Machine. That is because V is awesome and I can't draw. That is all.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

/Infinity Machine/ Now Up for Sale!

That's right, friends! If you look over to the right (your right, not mine), you will see a box where I will be selling the comics through paypal! And you will note that Infinity Machine is listed there! Exclamation mark! That is because you can now purchase it by clicking on the button! Try it out!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WIP from /Infinity Machine/

Here you go, kids! Me, silkscreening covers for Infinity Machine! The photo is from April, so I'm a tad behind, but now you may behold! After this I had to cut each page to height, fold the center crease and the french folds, adhere the cutouts to the cover, write a few things, punch holes, and bind! It was arduous! But it's done now, until the next comic. Expect soon to see a picture of the final product.

Now Active!

This first post is a long time in coming, but you will note it is finally upon us! More updates will follow, to include some WIP from Infinity Machine, hopefully a Paypal link to purchase Infinity Machine, updates on the forthcoming collaboration, and an exciting announcement! Suspense! Tell your friends, you know I will be.